Dental Radiology

Updated Time: 17/02/2022 00:04

What is dental radiology?

It is a process that helps the physician for diagnosis, treatment planning and treatment, to view the teeth and surrounding tissues. X-rays help the physician to diagnose problems in the teeth and jaws by imaging the areas that cannot be noticed in the visual examination. They are helpful in diagnosing the presence and extent of dental caries, changes in the jawbone, dental abscesses, impacted teeth, fractures of the jawbone and teeth, and other disorders during examination and procedures.

What does a digital panoramic x-ray do?

Panoramic x-ray is a type of tomographic x-ray in which all teeth, jaw joint, sinus areas and jawbone can be viewed together with less radiation. It serves to show the parts of the teeth and jawbone that are not visible with clinical examination. With the digital system, both the image quality increases and the amount of radiation received by the person is greatly reduced.