Updated Time: 17/02/2022 00:14


1-Oral preparation before filling with laser-caries removal: It is an effective method for removing caries. Since the cleaned area is sterile due to the nature of laser energy, bruises that may occur later are prevented.

2-Laser Root canal treatment with Since it provides good sterilization in heavily infected canals, healing is fast.

3-Laser gingival treatments: It is used for the correction and leveling of gingival aesthetics, the treatment of gingival diseases, the correction of discoloration in soft tissues (depigmentation) and the removal of soft tissue lesions.

4-Laser herpes and herpes treatments: While the healing process is normally one week, after irradiation on the aphthae and herpes, it has been observed that the healing process, which takes 7 days in the normal process, accelerates and aphthae and herpes do not appear in the same area again.

5-Laser sensitivity treatment:  closing the dentin canals in the dentin layer and removing the sensitivity by applying laser beams to the sensitive tooth.

6-Laser whitening:  while the whitening process takes several sessions with the normal whitening method, effective results are obtained in one session in laser whitening.

7-Laser Surgical treatments with Laser beam is used in some stages of surgical operations because it reduces bleeding and causes less damage to the tissue. The risks of complications such as post-operative swelling, bruising and pain are reduced after laser support in implant, bone operations, soft tissue operations, wisdom tooth operations and after some surgical procedures.