Orthodontic Treatment

Updated Time: 17/02/2022 00:14

In the orthodontics department; Treatment applications related to correction of crooked teeth, elimination of incompatibilities in teeth, jaw and face are carried out.

Orthodontic treatments applied by orthodontists (orthodontists) ensure that the jawbone and teeth are placed in the right place and position. Correcting the crookedness of the teeth not only provides an important aesthetic gain, but also contributes to oral and dental health.

Why Orthodontics

* It is more difficult to maintain oral hygiene with crooked teeth, and therefore, gingival diseases and caries occur more easily.
* When there is confusion and the joint relationship is broken, chewing cannot be done completely and some problems begin in the digestive system.
* In cases where the lower and upper teeth are not fully compatible with each other, too much load can be placed on the jaw joint or a single tooth, causing painful and difficult-to-treat problems.
* Incredible changes can be created aesthetically, especially in some cases.