Travel, Hotel and Lodging Assistance & Recommendations

Updated Time: 18/10/2022 23:33

Travel, Hotel and Lodging Assistance & Recommendations

According to your request, Klinik19 International Patient Services Center can give you assistance for you and your family members while you are coordinating your travel, choosing and booking the accommodation before your visit. You will be offered a variety of options with the best prices among our contracted 5star hotels which are located in the city centers.

Before Your Trip

Growing numbers of people are choosing to go abroad for medical treatment. Klinik19 is aware that the idea of traveling for treatment bears some difficulties. We are willing to ease this travel and treatment plan and make you feel as comfortable as possible thus here are some precautionary steps you may take before your travel.
We have some suggestions for you prior to your travel to Türkiye Klinik19.

  • Make sure with your local healthcare experts that your health condition is available for travel abroad.
  • Be sure to organize your visa procedures.
  • Make sure you have your health travel insuarance.
  • You may want to plan for follow-up care with your local health care provider before you leave your country or with Klinik19 experts.
  • Be sure that you obtain all copies of your medical reports ,panoramic X-Ray and all your prescriptions/medicines you take which is essential for your treatment plan.
  • Check your passport and apply the appropriate visa you need, 'visitor's visa' is not a one which can be extended easily so avoid this option.
  • Do not forget to check the name and the basic information in your airline's tickets as it is required that your personal information appears on your ID, passport etc. has to be the same as it is stated on your airway tickets.
  • Keep your medical records and basic contact information in a convenient, safe and easy to access place like your purse or in your hand luggage.
  • Take into consideration how you will obtain cash in Turkey. You may advise your bank about your travel plans and make an inquiry to access money overseas in a few different ways. In addition, you may get a credit card which is available to use within Turkey with no limit such as VISA or MasterCard
  • You will be informed in great detail by one of our international representatives, but you also make sure that you have obtained all the information about the Medical Procedure Process like Details of the person who will pick you up at the airport Details of the person who will be your direct contact at the hospital.
  • In order to have a smooth travel/treatment programme and not to feel in a rush, suggesting you to allocate some additional time for yourself throughout your medical treatment and your stay in Turkey.