Conservative Treatments

Updated Time: 17/02/2022 00:13

Conservative treatment in dentistry starts with the efforts of the dentist to prevent caries, and extends to treating the caries before it progresses or repairing the lost tooth tissue by cleaning the caries. The patient's anamnesis at the first visit (story of his complaint and general health status), the diagnosis made as a result of the x-rays taken, the physician conservative or endodontic leads to a choice about treatment.

The simplest conservative treatment; recommendations to prevent the formation of caries. The most known and common is the restoration of a decayed tooth with the help of filling materials.

In order to make a filling in the teeth, the tooth tissue must be deteriorated for various reasons (caries, abrasion, color and structure disorder, developmental, trauma, etc.). With the help of the filling, it is aimed to restore the lost aesthetics and function of the natural tooth. Various materials are used for filling construction. Filling materials used today; amalgam, composite materials (Aesthetic Filling) and porcelain. Today, while the use of amalgam (silver-containing and silver-colored) fillings is decreasing, the use of natural tooth-colored composite and porcelain fillings is increasing. .