Updated Time: 17/02/2022 00:11

All of the procedures performed to treat diseases of the soft vascular-nerve extension (dental pulp) in the tooth are called root canal treatment. Years ago, teeth with diseased pulp could only be extracted. Today, thanks to root canal treatment, physicians can treat teeth by keeping them in the mouth.

What is dental pulp?

It is a soft tissue that contains vessels, blood cells and connective tissues. It is located inside the tooth and extends from the crown of the tooth to the root tip and jawbone.

What happens when the pulp becomes sick?

When the pulp becomes damaged and sick and cannot heal itself, it dies. Pulp death most often occurs due to a broken tooth or a deep caries. In both cases, bacteria reach the pulp and cause an infection. If this infection is not treated, inflammation accumulates in the root tips and jawbone and pus-filled sacs called abscesses form. These abscesses can progress and destroy the bone tissue around the tooth.

Why should the pulp be removed?

When the inflamed pulp is removed, pain and swelling are seen. By-products of inflammation can damage the jawbones. If the treatment is not applied, the tooth goes to the extraction.