Digital Measure

Updated Time: 17/02/2022 00:04

In dentistry, dental measurements should be taken from the patient before procedures such as prosthetic treatments, orthodontic treatments, guide preparations before surgical procedures, and protective plaques. Conventional (traditional methods) and digital methods are used for impression taking. 

While measurements have been taken with silicones, which are put into spoons and described by patients as dough, until today, digital workflow has been integrated into dentistry with the developing technology in recent years. 

What is a digital measure?

It is the scanning method measurement of the teeth of the patients with a smart device containing computer software with an intraoral scanner tip.

What are the advantages of digital measure?

  • Provides ease of operation in patients with nausea reflex.
  • The measurement precision allows working in micron sizes.
  • The measurements can be recorded on the computer and can be re-examined if needed. 
  • The margin of error in model creation is less than the classical method.
  • It shortens the construction time of restorations.

What is the place of the digital scanner in smile design?

In the digital measuring device we use, a simulation of the restorations to be made with the photographs taken without the patient's teeth are shown to the patient. The patient gets a preliminary impression of how their teeth will look at the end. The desired result can be achieved by changing the form and color of the teeth together with the dentist.

After the teeth are prepared, the dimensions of the teeth are taken with the optical scanner tip. In the laboratory, the model teeth requested by the patient are made with computer-aided scraping devices and applied to the patient.

What operations can be performed with a digital scanner?

  • Porcelain Laminate Teeth
  • Zirconia crowns
  • Glass ceramic crowns
  • Inlay/onlay restorations
  • Implant prostheses
  • Transparent plaques used in orthodontics and treatment planning
  • Surgical guide plates before implant procedure